Neon Nights Statement 2020

Neon Nights Statement 2020

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Neon Nights Fans,

We are saddened to report the cancellation of Neon Nights. We announced the festival and lineup on February 27th, and the COVID 19 pandemic brought the world to halt only a week or two later. We haven't been able to market the event and with unclear guidance, we have been stuck in a holding pattern. When we decided to postpone The Country Fest to August, our thoughts were that we could make up ground financially by saving
infracture brought in to use for both events. We have come to realize that the decision of making Neon Nights and The Country Fest “back to back weekends” is making our efforts to maintain clean grounds and get approval from the appropriate authorities more

We know Neon Nights is a festival that many of you love, and the response to last year's event was tremendous (thank you!). The best chance for the event to grow and survive beyond 2020 is to take this year off. Thanks to all agents, management, sponsors,
vendors, and fans. We hope for Neon Nights to return in 2021. You can continue to support Neon Nights by purchasing a shirt on

REFUNDS: All customers will automatically receive a refund by July 10th. Ticket buyers do not need to do anything. We will not be offering a rollover for the 2021 event.

The Country Fest is still proceeding as planned for August 6-8th.

Thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Neon Nights Team